Did you know that our bones are constantly being degenerated and regenerated so there needs to be a perfect balance between these two processes? In case we are losing more bone than what is being created then we will suffer from osteoporosis.

A set of healthy bones not only provides for our structure but also protects our internal organs.

Key nutrients for strong and healthy bones are – Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamins, Beta-carotene and Protein.

There are many healthy foods that promote strong bones and reduce the chance of osteoporosis, painful joints, inflammation, arthritis and other bone-related health problems.

When we eat the right type of foods, we can enjoy better bone mass and density at any age and strong bones throughout our lifetime.

Given below are a few ways to strengthen your bones —-

MILK – All dairy products are rich in Calcium, which is quintessential for strong bones. Also make sure to get Vitamin D along with Calcium as it helps in the better absorption of calcium.

YOGURT – This is a better source of calcium than milk. Eat yogurt every day.

FISH – such as salmon, tuna, sardines have high amounts of calcium in them.

For the VEGANS – SPINACH is a splendid source of calcium. One cup of cooked spinach gives 25% of daily calcium requirement.

KALE also provides calcium, though less than spinach.

EGGS – Eat the whole egg as the yolk has Vitamin D.

ALSO, Soybeans, almonds, sesame seeds and paneer are good sources of calcium.

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