Everyone dreams of having a beautiful and flawless face, thick shiny hair, expressive eyes and an attractive body. When all dressed to go out – hair looks stunning, skin looks good but with faint eyelashes which almost look nonexistent it spoils the whole look.

But you can actually grow longer and thicker eyelashes which are natural and permanent.

Some proven home remedies of having longer, fuller and gorgeous eyelashes are given below.


One teaspoon Castor Oil

One Vitamin E Capsules

5 – 6 TULSI Leaves

Method –

Pour Castor oil in a small bowl.

To it add the tulsi leaves.

Break a Vitamin E capsule and add its liquid in the same bowl and mix it well.

Now put this bowl in a double boiler on the gas stove on low flame. Once the mixture starts boiling in 2 minutes approximately remove it from the flame and leave it for a few minutes.

Once the mixture cools down, carefully remove the tulsi leaves and store in a container. Use it daily before sleeping. Gently massage this mix on the eye-lids for a few seconds.


Castor oil is very effective in growing thicker and fuller eyelashes.

Wash your eyes and let the eyelashes dry naturally. Apply castor oil using a cotton ball from roots to the end. Take care the oil doesn’t enter your eyes. Do this treatment before going to sleep. Let the oil stay overnight. Continue this every night until you find improvement.

You can also try this therapy with lemon. Slice a lemon piece, dry it and soak it in castor oil for a week. Apply in the same above way. Lemon stimulates the growth of lashes and enhances cleaning effect of the oil.


Vaseline keeps your body moisturized is helpful in eyelash growth too. It is a natural and keeps the eye lashes well moisturized. Wash your eyes and remove any traces of makeup.

Apply VASELINE using a cotton ball. Apply it before sleeping and wash it off in the morning. Do this regularly for 3 months and you will notice a change in the length of your eyelashes.


Green tea can also help you in getting longer and thicker eyelashes. Prepare unsweetened green tea and allow it to cool.

Using a cotton ball, apply the green tea on to your lashes from root to tip. Green tea is rich in flavonoids and has potent antioxidant and health-supportive effects.


Take out fresh gel from an aloe leaf and using a mascara brush apply it on to the lashes just the way you apply mascara. Apply the gel at night before going to bed.

One more effective home remedy to stimulate lash growth is olive oil. When applied it enters the follicles and stimulates lash growth. Apply olive oil at night before going to bed. Apply it on the eyelashes from root to tip using a mascara brush. Let it stay overnight and wash it in the morning.

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