Holi is one of the most loved festivals of India and is certainly the most vibrant of all.

It is a festival of colors and unrestrained joy.

The celebrations reach such a frenzy that at times skin problems do occur.

So, let’s look at reducing the after effects of chemicals of such colors on our skin.

VERY IMPORTANT – While playing with colors, please ensure that your eyes are protected all the times.

When Holi colors which have chemicals are applied on skin, then our skin becomes dry very quickly and it gets hard and can even crack at many places.

Here are a few home remedies which will help us to take care of our skin during HOLI


COCONUT OIL –¬†Coconut oil has good moisturising property. You can apply Coconut oil on your body as well as face and particularly Lips.

COLD CREAM– Apply cold cream on your face and body to protect your skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but makes smooth so if you apply it before playing Holi then the colors will come out quickly and without leaving a rash.

MOISTURIZER OR VASELINE –¬†Dab a lot of good moisturiser or Vaseline to your face and all visible parts of your body. The colors can hence be washed off without a problem.

NAIL PAINT –¬†If you are a woman then Nail polish is the simple solution to protect nails from harmful effects of colours. Paint your nails with nail paint before you play Holi. And when you remove the nail polish later, with it the colour will also get removed.

ROSE WATER –¬†Rose water is extremely good for our eyes and skin. You can put two drops of rosewater in your eyes before play with colors. It helps keeping your eyes moist and will protect it by clearing all the harmful elements in case any from the eyes.


MILK –¬†is an excellent cleanser. You can make a mixture of some Milk, to it add 2 teaspoons of Besan and a pinch of turmeric powder. Rub this on your face and body, all the color will be removed.

BANANA PEEL –¬†Rub the inside of a Banana peel to remove color from your face or body, it certainly helps. In case you have some color on your teeth, rub your teeth with this and all the color will come off.

CUCUMBER JUICE –¬†Cucumber juice soothes your skin and helps with the allergy from colours in case any. Grate a cucumber and press it to take the juice out. Apply this to your face or wherever you skin is irritated. It will soothe it down.

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